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카소는  세계에서 가장 좋은

"자연치유촉매제CASO(Catalyst to Self Ordering)'를

독일에서 개발하고 한국에서 제조 판매하는 기업입니다. 

- Natural Plant Products

- The Highest & Best quality

About CASO-Dom Ltd.

(Catalyst to Self Ordering)

  • 지속가능 자연순환경영_6차 산업_지역특산물활용

       Sustainable natural circulation management

  • 천연성분 가려움증 치료제  /  Itching treatment

  • 칸디다증 치료제 / Candidiasis treatment

  • 피부곰팡이균치료제  / Skin fungus treatment

  • 체내갈증해소 고로쇠 과립  /  Maple Granules

  • 건강기능식품  / Health functional food

Developed by the

Natural Ingredients Institute

​   (카소 천연성분기업부설연구소) 


  • 의약외품, 의료기기  / Medical Device

  • 기능성 원료 / Functionality ingredient

  • 건강기능 식품 / Natural Health Food

About Caso Dom Ltd. Profiles

        인간과 자연의 조화를 추구하는 사회적기업 CASO Dom.

CASO Food Supplement

with sugar and sweetner

Based on Maple sap.  

A functional granules for enhancing immunity is provided to allow consumers to easily intake various health-aid components contained in Maple through a granules, thereby contributing to health Promotion.

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