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뼈건강에 좋은 고로쇠 수액을 과립으로..

  • 위염, 위궤양 예방 및 치료에 도움 / 특허자료

  • 골다공증 예방 및 치료에 도움 / 논문발췌

  • 비타민 B군 및 미네랄  아미노산 등 5대 영양소 함유로 스트레스 완화 / 논문발췌

  • 자당, 무기물을 다량 함유로 혈당 조절, 피로 회복, 체력 증진에 도움 / 논문발췌

Effect of CASO Maple Granule

  • Effect of preventing and curing gastritis and stomach ulcer proven by patent data

  • Effect of preventing and curing osteoporosis proven by research paper

  • Relief of stress with five major nutrients such as vitamin B-complex, mineral and amino acid proven by research paper

  • Excellent effect for glucose control, recovery from fatigue and physical strength enhancement with rich cane sugar and mineral content proven by research paper

CASO Maple(Granule)는 대한민국 국가가 인정해 주는 제품

  • 대한민국특산품.

  • 전라북도 덕유산 고로쇠 수액 지리적 특성원료사용 제품

  • 2017년 하이 서울 브랜드 어워드 아이디어 부분 선정제품  

  • Special product accredited by Korea

  • Product made with maple sap from Deokyu Mountain in Jeollabuk-do Province (featuring geographical indication)

  •  “Hi Seoul” 2017’s Award Idea Goods Selection

Quality and R&D from Germany


CASO Maple holds a Therapeutic Goods Administration license to manufacture Therapeutic Goods under Korean regulations. (License No.086   and Pant. No.10-1603937)


The KFDA is the Korean government body that regulates the Korean pharmaceutical, OTC and supplement industries. Their standards are the strictest and highest anywhere in the world which provides our customers peace of mind that all products are produced to the absolute highest standards.


CASO is committed to ongoing and extensive R&D to provide products of the highest Quality. It is this commitment that enables CASO to release new and innovative products to meet market demands and trends.


CASO has access to a wide variety of raw materials and ingredients that can be formulated to meet any requirement.


CASO will continue to invest in R&D to establish stronger and more powerful concentrations to further improve the potency of current products.


CASO utilizes experienced chemists and nutritionists to provide unique formulations that can offer our customers maximised health benefits.

Caso Maple_G

카소 메이플 -고로쇠 사탕

CASO Maple_Jelly

카소 메이플-고로쇠 젤리



CasoMaple (2)
CasoMaple (3)

3~5g a daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

(1일 3~5g 을 섭취.)

▷ Assists in the maintenance or improvement of general well being

▷ Rich in amino acids including essential vitamin and minerals

▷ Helps to reduce tiredness, anxiety and insomnia

▷ May help support a healthy immune system 

전반적인 건강 증진에 도움.

필수 아미노산과 비타민 미네랄 함유

피로회복, 스태미너 증진에 도움

​건강한 면역체계 유지에 도움

CASO Maple Granule is..

본 영상은 카소 고로쇠 분말 (CASO Maple Granule)의 효능을 이해를 돕기위해 만든 영상으로 개인적인 차이 및 장기 복용시 달라진 몸을 느끼실 수 있습니다. 

CASO mono maple granules are made from 100% of undiluted solution of sap from mountain Jiri and Dukyu.

There are many kinds of saps in the world. Among them, sap from Mt. Jiri in Korea is long known to have a lot of nutrients.

The Legend of Mt. Jiri mono maple Sap
1) The story of Asiatic black bear
There is a legend that the Asiatic black bear from Mt. Jiri Banyabong was healed after drinking the mono maple sap when hit by the hunter’s arrow after receiving a revelation from the mountain god.
2) The story of Byeongangseo
When the weakened Byeongangseo came to Mt. Jiri after hearing about the legend of the bear, he drank the mono maple sap and restored his energy and couldn’t control his overflowing power and came down to Mt. Jiri to move the big stones of Obaekun to form a village called ‘Dodolgol.’ One of the efficacy of the mono maple sap is improving stami and ‘Dodolgol’ is also a symbol of Byeongangseo’s stamina.
This product is Korea’s regional specialty made from “Mt. Jiri’s mono maple sap.”

This product is granulated without nutrient loss.

It is the world's first granular product that preserves the nutritional content of mono maple sap. Contrasts with maple sugar without any nutrients.

Mono maple sap has been known as a food with excellent efficacy from ancient times, but it hasn’t been able to be consumed completely due to its short life span and limited production days.

By preserving the nutrients and granulating completely, it became possible to consume the sap from the throughout the whole year.

It doesn’t use the method to boil or lyophilize the mono maple granules by heating them, but through the reverse osmosis granulation method, so that the nutrients of the sap are stored without any loss and used all year long. Since it easily melts in cold water and consumable under a completely granulated state, it is easy to eat such as sprinkling on various foods. In addition, since it is in the form of granules, it is easy to use and store, and since it has concentrated the light sweetness taste of the mono maple sap, it can be used in various methods such as a substitute for sugar in various dishes.


Sugar in the mono maple sap helps the quick intake of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and a variety of inorganic ingredients in the body by,
1. Intaking various inorganic ingredients of the mono maple sap - 100% intake of various natural vitamins and minerals
2. Improving osteoporosis - Containing more than 35 times more nutrients than ordinary mineral water. (Efficacy verified through In-Vivo test, In-Vitro test, etc.)
3. Relieving stress and alleviating related disease-Have the function of lowering the stress of people who intake mono maple granule, and relieves the symptoms of various diseases caused by stress such as gastritis and ulcer. (In-Vivo test, In-Vitro test proved its efficacy)
4. Sugar substitute for diabetic patients: Suppresses the cause of blood glucose increase, Lowers blood sugar and diabetic symptoms with the intake of sugar. (Efficacy verified through the In-Vivo test, In-Vitro test etc.)

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