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Dr.Ha's Skin Disinfectants

At the very heart of Dr.Ha’s Skin Disinfectant benefits are its foundational properties of being the world’s strongest and highest quality natural antioxidant, and being a safe and natural, broad spectrum anti-inflammatory.


As a result of these attributes, Dr.Ha’s Skin Disinfectant has demonstrated the ability to protect our cells and the DNA within our cells from the onslaughts of oxidation and inflammation.


In fact, these properties are the primary mechanisms of action from which most of ethanol varied health benefits emanate.


Artemisia and natural material is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that has many proven, clinically validated benefits for eye health, skin health, cardiovascular health, joint health and pain management.

You never find a better advocate for your product than someone who’s used it for a month, felt a difference and then goes out and tells their friends and family! We’re getting huge word of mouth promotion. There are a lot of new players in the Candidasis market, which is generating a great deal of publicity, and I can see this being one of the major growth products in the European pharmaceutical industry for many years to come.

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