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CASO Dom ( CAtalyst to Self Ordering  Dom )

The history of natural healing dates back to 3,000 BC. Excavation of a pyramid confirmed that a special essential oil was used in ancient Egypt in 3,000 BC and a famous episode in told regarding Cleopatra using rose fragrance to seduce Brutus of Rome. In China, musk was used for various purposes since ancient times. 


Natural healing is a vital phenomenon.


The human body repeats disorder inside and outside the body to destroy its symmetry, which is balanced by the repetition of procedures to restore the natural order. In other words, the substance that catalyzes the body’s self-imposed process of repeating the ordering process is called the natural healing agent.  


Based on this principle, CASO acts as a catalyst to activate vital energy by helping the human body in a multidimensional and complex manner rather than as a medicine that only responds to specific diseases.



CASO is short for CAtalyst to Self-Ordering, and Dom, the mother company of various CASO companies, is the umbrella company.


All CASO's items are 100% extract of natural plants is the best

solution to resolve these problems and to give outstanding results.

CASO insists on natural products that vitalize the energy of people to make their lives more beautiful and happier.


What is Nature?

The origin of the word “Nature” is “to be so on its own,” which means the agent is formed and destroyed through autonomous natural laws rather than through outside intervention or deliberate action.


원래 [자기 정서 촉매제 自己 整序 觸媒劑:

Catalyst to Self Ordering]라는 말의 영어 두문자를 조합한 것으로서, 제품에 담긴 철학과 특성을 표현하고 있습니다. 아울러 caso는 회사 이름이자 특허청에 등록된 공식 상표 (Brand)이며, 동시에 식약청으로부터 허가받은 제품명입니다


CASO Maple is the WORLD’S FIRST  : 


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